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This new version of ADIT (2.0) indicates file format errors with suggestions for solutions; automatically validates the structure; checks for consistency between sequence and coordinates; allows easier organization of sequence information; and simplifies entering author, title and citation information. It is designed to improve data quality and processsing efficiency.

Beginning June 14, this new version of ADIT will become the default site for deposition on selected days each week for testing. The date of full deployment of this tool will depend upon the results of this testing.

NOTICE FOR REFMAC USERS - details for generating total B factors when TLS used

For structures solved by Electron Microscopy, first deposit the 3D map at EMDB and then follow the link provided to deposit the coordinates.

To continue a session from an earlier date, enter your session restart ID and press the CONTINUE SESSION button.

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Detailed instructions that describe how to deposit X-ray, NMR and Electron Microscopy structures are available. Coordinates may be deposited as either mmCIF or PDB formatted files. To ensure that all tools will work with minimal error, the format requirements for depositing structures in PDB format are:

The guidelines for data processing and policies are available at

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